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PX-7 Spray Gun

$2,600.00 $2,210.00
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Product Description

PX-7 Mechanical Purge Spray Gun

The PMC PX-7 Mechanical Purge Gun is ideal for slab jacking, roofing, residential foam and coatings. 


Mechanical Purge: PX-7 incorporates a valving rod to mechanically purge the mixed material from the mixing module at the end of each shot; eliminates the need for solvent flushing or air purge.

Hand Honed One-Piece Valving Rod: In addition to tight tolerance manufacturing of the one-piece valving rod, the PMC PX-7 valving rod is then hand honed in the areas that mate with the mixing module, thus improving the life of the module.

Internal Impingement: Mixing module is designed for long service life. A large variety of styles are available to be used in conjunction with various pattern control discs to provide the highest level of mixing and pattern development.

Machined Coupling Block: PX-7 comes standard with a precision machined coupling block made from high strength steel.

Rebuildable Manual Valves: PMC has included the latest innovation in rebuildable manual valves on the PX-7 guns that are sturdy, simple and economical to rebuild.

Stainless Steel Hardened Gun Block: No more worries about cracking a cast gun block. The PX-7 gun block is made from Stainless Steel and is then hardened for long life, minimum wear and provides a positive and robust connection for the coupling block screw.

Check Valves: Easy removal of check valves from Side Screen Screws for maintenance and cleaning 

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